THE SANKEI SHIMBUN  Expo Planning Division

Our Role in the Expo Planning Division

We organize specialized B-to-B exhibitions for international and domestic exhibitors. Originating from the company Fuji Sankei Business-I, we are part of Sankei Shimbun, one of Japan’s foremost media groups, since April 2021. Our shows are intended for specialists and decision-making staff, always focused on a main theme to make the best of your exhibition. Through our network of contractors, we provide fast and reliable service to all our exhibitors.

What is The Sankei Shimbun?

Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd. is a core company of the Fujisankei Communications Group, one of the leading media groups in Japan, and focuses mainly on newspapers and publishing. We engage in a wide variety of media and event business unrivalled by others in the industry. We publish print titles including The Sankei Shimbun, Sankei Sports, and Yukan Fuji, and our digital media include The Sankei News, SANSPO.COM, zakzak, and The Sankei Shimbun electronic edition. We organize a diverse range of events, from art exhibitions to marathons and other sports events, trade fairs, award programs, and more.